Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New SOL Releases For St. Patrick's Day

Kiss Me, I'm Irish Card
It is time for The {Stamps} Of Life extra releases for the month of January. I'm sharing the clear stamp set called "shamrocks4us" today. I loved working with this fun set. Take a look at my sample cards but no pinching! :)
Happy St. Paddy's Day Card
Happy Shamrock Day Card
School is out for the third day in a row because of snow. Snow is rare where we live and when it does come, it stops everything. We have enjoyed it so much! Looking out has been a picturesque scene....almost like "living" in one of those beautiful calendar scenes. :) The sun has come out today though so I guess our big beautiful snowman will be melting. :) The last time it snowed this much was at least ten years ago. Hope we don't have to wait that long for the next one. Thanks for stopping by....stay warm. :)

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  1. Beverly, we are in the same situation with you when it comes to the weather, this is my 3rd day out as well with the kids.

    Great cards, love the variety.