Friday, December 28, 2012

Survived Christmas 2012

Project Two I'm So Sorry Card
Well, I survived another Christmas (barely). :) As I get older I seem to have a harder and harder time getting everything ready for Christmas. I even start a little earlier each year trying to prevent this. BUT on the upside, I also seem to enjoy the day more too. Spending time with my girls is priceless. :) I was supposed to share these two cards the day after Christmas but to be truthful, I had a memory lapse. Let's just say it was too much turkey (actually too much everything). :) Another fact about Christmas is the exhaustion afterwards so I "forgot." :) They were up on the Hampton Art blog on the 26th though. Better late than never here is a good motto though. (Wink, wink.) :)
Project Three Happy Birthday Cupcake

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